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“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be.  Now put the foundations under them.”
— Henry David Thoreau

There is something to be said for “go big or go home.”  Ultimately, I think the secret to success is learning to trust in the truth of one’s own power and to get out of one’s own way, silencing that small voice that whispers “I could never…” in the face of every good idea that begs ambition.

In February 2010, I opened my own law office.  It was a difficult time for me: I was a divorce lawyer newly separated from my wife of eleven years like some doctor who never himself imagined becoming sick, and also newly separated from a law firm that was in its own way just as bad a match for me.  It was a devastating one-two punch, but I didn’t let either one stop me.  After 18 years of law practice (15 of them focused almost exclusively on divorce and family law), I resolved in the face of transition to “go big” and use my experience to practice family law my way: giving clients the time that they deserve, handling their cases with personal attention, and dealing with them as people instead of just as problems to solve.  I set up an office in my Swissvale, Pennsylvania home that I am proud to work in:

My office

This new year brings a new and updated web page, and this blog.  I intend to use it to offer commentary, thoughts and personal insights about divorce and family law, as well as links that may be useful to people going through the sort of personal transition that I have faced.

Please do check out this site, which features articles and information that many may find useful.  I set out to make it not merely an advertisement for my services, but also a tool offering genuinely meaningful information for those in need.

Welcome to my blog, and to my virtual law office community.  Don’t be a stranger.

If you need legal assistance with your divorce or family law matter in Southwestern Pennsylvania, call me to set up a personal consultation. This blog will feature periodic updates.  Consider subscribing!  Please do not comment anonymously, and do not post anything that you consider confidential.  I try to be responsive to commentary and questions, but know that posting here will not create an attorney/client relationship and that I will not offer legal advice via the Internet.

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