Pennsylvania uncontested no-fault divorce forms: learn more

Complete set of Pennsylvania uncontested no-fault divorce forms with instructions
The most affordable divorce in Pennsylvania is the one you do yourself.

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Michael professional squareIf you want a no-frills Pennsylvania uncontested no-fault divorce decree without an attorney and your spouse will cooperate, for $49 I can give you everything you need to do it right the first time.  You can purchase it securely through Paypal by pressing the button below, or you can call my office at 412-371-4500 to place your order directly.

When your purchase is complete through Paypal, you will be taken to a form that will give me the information I need to create your personalized do-it-yourself divorce kit.

One set of divorce forms for Pennsylvania and one low cost, statewide.
If you or your spouse reside anywhere in Pennsylvania, you can use these forms to obtain a do-it-yourself Pennsylvania divorce decree.

There are Pennsylvania divorce kits everywhere.  Why this one?
Because I’m not a paper mill selling somebody else’s forms.  I operate a full-service Pittsburgh family law firm, and I have been handling Pennsylvania divorce and family law cases from the simple to the complex for over twenty years.  I don’t just sell my divorce forms, I drafted them myself and I work with them every day.  You have my personal and professional guarantee that my divorce documents are current, and that when you use them as I instruct they will do the job for you.  When your kit arrives in two business days, the papers will already be filled out, ready for you to print them, sign them and file them with the court to get your Pennsylvania divorce process started.  I provide complete and easy-to-follow checklist instructions to help you get your divorce done right the first time.

I doubt you will find another divorce kit on the market that comes with the kind of support I provide: if you have a question about your forms, or run into trouble when working with them, call my office and we’ll be glad to help you get straightened out.

How to get started.
When you click the Paypal “buy now” button at the bottom of the page and make your $49 payment, you will be directed to an online form that will give me all the information I need to draft your personalized set of divorce documents.  I will send your completed divorce papers to you by email within two business days, with full instructions.

What you need to know about do-it-yourself Pennsylvania divorce forms.
Pennsylvania no-fault divorce forms are created for Pennsylvania residents who need the least expensive uncontested no-fault divorce decree available.  If all you and your spouse are looking for is the piece of paper saying that you are no longer married, these forms will do the job.  Your divorce kit comes with complete checklist-style instructions, and with your spouse’s cooperation they will get you a Pennsylvania divorce decree as quickly as possible, without needing to see the inside of a courtroom.

A word of caution: many divorcing spouses encounter challenging complications in their efforts to legally dissolve their marriages.  Give some thought to your own situation, and decide for yourself whether you think your circumstances, your goals or your spouse’s needs might create a risk that the two of you will find yourselves in conflict.  If you are unsure about your own needs, are worried that your spouse might not cooperate, or want to know what your rights and risks are and how divorce will affect them, seek legal advice from an experienced Pennsylvania family lawyer before you file for divorce.   Purchasing a set of divorce forms and the instructions to use them correctly does not create an attorney/client relationship, and there is no substitute for informed decision-making.

Here are some additional considerations to help you decide whether a no-fault divorce kit is the right choice for you.  To succeed at obtaining your own Pennsylvania divorce decree:

    • Either you or your spouse must have resided in Pennsylvania for at least the last six months.
    • You must be completely certain that your spouse will sign all necessary papers and cooperate fully.  If your spouse chooses not to cooperate, my do-it-yourself divorce kit will not work for you and you may incur additional expense.
    • If you still have joint property or debt, especially real estate, it is a good idea to talk with a local divorce and family law attorney before you file for divorce at all.  Leaving loose ends after a divorce becomes final may have messy consequences.  Also, if you think you or your spouse might claim alimony, equitable distribution of property (including pensions) and debt, or anything else besides an uncontested, no-fault divorce with mutual cooperation, you should not use this do-it-yourself divorce kit.
    • Be sure that your spouse is not currently on active duty in the U.S. Military (any branch).
    • You must know your spouse’s address of residence.
    • Be sure that no divorce action was already filed between you and your spouse in any court.

Your children are not a complication.
Rights involving children do not arise from your marriage, and are unaffected by divorce.  You can get divorced without having to address either child custody or child support.  Divorce decrees in Pennsylvania never award or restrict custody of children.

What the court will charge you to accept your divorce for filing.
You will be responsible for paying filing fees to the court that (at present) total an additional $105.  Other than that, your only cost will be for postage.

How long your divorce process will take.
It depends on how long you have been separated from your spouse.  If your separation has been less than two years, you can anticipate about four months from beginning to end.  If you have been separated two years or more, you can expect to receive your divorce decree within approximately two months.  All times are approximate, and I can offer no guarantees if you have an upcoming deadline by which you absolutely must be divorced.

Where you will file your divorce.
You will be filing your divorce in Cameron County, Pennsylvania, in the north central area of the state.  You won’t need to travel there!  You can file all your paperwork by mail.

Why file a divorce in Cameron County?
Cameron County is a popular place to file uncontested no-fault divorces because its filing fees are much lower than most other Pennsylvania counties, and because it does not require that divorcing spouses be residents of the county.

Is it legal in Pennsylvania to file your divorce out of county?
It is entirely legal, and the rules of court permit it when both spouses agree.  A divorce decree issued by the Cameron County court is a legal divorce, just as valid as every other divorce decree issued in the state of Pennsylvania.

Would you rather let somebody else handle it for you?
If you don’t want to have to handle the divorce paperwork yourself but still want an affordable uncontested Pennsylvania divorce, I will gladly take over the handling of your case as your lawyer for my regular fixed rate of $300 plus any unpaid filing fees, to obtain your uncontested, mutually-consented no-fault divorce.  Just give my office a call.

Press “Buy Now” to purchase your $49 Pennsylvania uncontested no-fault divorce kit through Paypal or call my office at 412-371-4500 to place your order directly, and let me help you get started!

When your purchase is complete, you will be taken to a form that will give us the information we need to create your personalized do-it-yourself divorce form kit.

12 thoughts on “Pennsylvania uncontested no-fault divorce forms: learn more”

  1. Jody Gontero said:

    Hello, I paid for a set of these forms…but the page did not come up to set up the additional information. Do I need to do anything else, or have they been sent already?

    • You should long since have received your kit, but I want to address this because I very much appreciate your concerns. For reasons beyond our control (or our understanding, for that matter!) Paypal doesn’t always redirect our customers to the form on our website. For a little while we put a link to the form directly on this page, except that people started trying to get free kits by filling out the form without having paid (and figured we were too dumb to notice, I suppose).

      We are very proactive about making sure that our customers don’t slip between the cracks, and when we see that a payment came in without a completed intake form, we reach out to the purchaser via email with a link to the form. People with concerns are also welcome to call us, of course, so that we can address the matter directly.

      We have noticed, lately, that some of our customers are not responding to our emails and then will call us a week or so later to find out what happened to their kits. The problem? Our emails to them got caught in their spam filters. We have added a note about that to our page, hoping that greater awareness will reduce the problem. We want satisfied customers!

  2. Elise Batchen said:

    Does this kit include the form to have your name legally changed- I know that when I researched it on the Allegheny County Website they had a form included that allowed you to return to your maiden name along with the divorce.

  3. Do these papers contain the documentation to do a Quickclaim deed and remove my spouse’s name from the deed? I am going to be taking over the mortage and the mortgage company says they need a new deed with just my name before removing my husband from the mortgage.

    • No, they don’t. The forms are limited to what is needed to obtain a decree of divorce as inexpensively and quickly as possible, when everyone wants the same thing.

      If you have property matters to address, it is usually a good idea to make sure that you already have addressed them before the award of a divorce decree. When in doubt, talk with a lawyer first; Pennsylvania divorce is about economic closure, meaning that any property issues or other rights arising from your marriage either need to have been fully resolved, protected by written agreement or claimed through the court before a divorce decree is obtained, or the family court won’t involve itself.

  4. Leah King said:

    Hi, I paid for a kit some time ago but never completed the questionnaire. Can I do that now?

  5. My friend is currently in the county jail and wishes to divorce his wife. She currently lives in north Carolina for approximately a year. He has been back in PA for over 6 months but is incarrcinated. He does not anticipate any issues in her agreeing to the divorce

    Will his situation complicated the process? They were married less than a year. Thank you!

    • He meets the six month Pennsylvania residence requirement, so your friend’s incarceration should not be a problem when using our divorce forms. As long as everyone cooperates by signing the necessary documents, his divorce should go through without difficulty using our kit.

  6. What if he still lives in the same residence

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